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Classic Engine Company is a business that is designed to help private individuals as well as restoration shops to restore vintage Corvette's back to their original condition.
We currently inventory a large quantity of dated engine components for Corvette's from 1955 through 1974. Our inventory includes such items as engine blocks, cylinder heads, water pumps, and intake and exhaust manifolds. We also have non-dated components like valve covers, oil pans, engine mounts, timing covers and balancers (for both low and high performance engines). We can also supply most accessory items needed to complete your restoration such as ignition shielding, carburetors, distributors and much more.
Classic Engine Company also has available a complete engine restoration and rebuilding service and can furnish most anything from bare engine castings to complete turnkey engines.
Over the years we have provided over 1500 engines to enthusiasts interested in restoring their Corvettes back to their original numbers matching condition. Our engine stamping service is second to none and we have had numerous cars that have obtained N.C.R.S. certifications, Bloomington Gold certificates, and Triple Crown awards.
Our engines have been installed in vehicles featured in "Motor Trend," "Super Chevy," "The Chevelle Report," and other magazines.
We have also helped to provide information for various publications such as
Alan L. Colvin's "CHEVROLET by the numbers," Chuck Brigermann's "Corvette Essentials and others."
Price quotations can be supplied upon request by faxing your needs to us. Please include your vin number, horsepower and transmission of the vehicle you are restoring.
For a complete listing of our inventory refer to our ad at the Hemmings motor news.
Our ad is listed under Chevrolet Corvette Parts, Lit,Services &c For Sale.
Please note that adds are placed approximatly 3 weeks before publication and additional parts maybe available even though not listed in the ad.


Thank you,
Tom Luedeke
Classic Engine Co.

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